Two Multi-Instrumentalists in a Studio
Created a Working Class Anthem!
With lyrics to ‘stick it to the man!’
A soaring lead guitar riff,
Swirling organ and funky acoustic.
Vocals, Drums, Lead Guitar,
Production: RBJr
Keyboard, Bass, Rhythm Guitar
Backing Vocals: Gary West

What do musicians do in Lockdowns?
Take to their home studios and JAM!
In early 2020, at the height of COVID-19,
An international collaboration was born!
RBJR in the UK, John in Germany.
Vocals, Drums, Production – RBJR
Keytar, Electric Sax, Mastering:

John Rosenfeld

A challenge was issued on social media…
One week to re-write and record
A COVID-19 themed hip-hop song..
Studio Lockdown Accepted!
We even roped in a few friends!
Vocals, Lyrics, Production: RBJR
Keytar, Mastering: John Rosenfeld
Guest Vocals: Blue Dood, Liam Hamilton,

Marc Winstanley, Nikki Pyne & Tom Bath

Another Global Isolation Collaboration.
This time we got Green Screens, Baby!
Neon Background Psychadelia
Nostalgic ’80s Pop Power!
Our Cover of a Peter Gabriel classic.
Vocals, Video Production: RBJR
Keytar, Audio, Mastering: John Rosenfeld

Three guys and a Pink Flamingo!
A huge rock jam of an MCR anthem!
John & Marc shred a double lead,
RJBR wrestles with a tough vocal.
Another Global isolation collaboration!
Vocals, Video Production: RBJR
Lead Keytar, Mastering: John Rosenfeld

Lead Guitar: Marc Winstanley

The Essence of The Funkoustics.
Acoustic Guitar and a Funky Beat.
Our take on the Mumford & Sons Stomper!
Recorded live in a single take.
We didnt really f**k it up, this time 😉
Vocals, Drums, Production: RBJR
Vocals, Guitar: Gary West

Close-up Camera: Joshua Berry

Marc @ Big Dog Music Productions
Recruited RBJR to rap, about a Dragon!
Part of a fantastic album project.
Over 50 musicians recorded songs.
Accompanying a series of children’s books,
also created by the multi-talented Marc.
Rap, Video Production: RBJR
Audio, Music, Lyrics: Marc Winstanley

More ’80s Lockdown Nostalgia.
Featuring moves from RBJR’s Daughter.
Filmed during the 2nd European Lockdown.
Safely recorded from our own studios.
Vocals, Production: RBJR
Keytar, Piano, Mastering: John Rosenfeld

Dancing & Laughter: Ellie Rose Berry

Oh NO!… There’s 2 of him!
The multi-layered vocal was too tempting.
After a special request from a fan,
Studio Lockdown turned Purple.
Our cover of a Prince classic.
Vocals. Production: RBJR
Keytar, Piano, Mastering: John Rosenfeld

A Tale from Urban Bohemia.
Chaos in our German Studio!
Added Cute factor from John’s baby son.
RBJR’s hipster wig was mandatory!
Vocals, Drums, Production – RBJR
Keytar, Mastering: John Rosenfeld

Being Too Cute: Carl Rosenfeld
Comedy Guitaring: Graham Hooley
And Introducing… Pinky McDragonface

An Uplifting Lockdown Anthem.
Recorded for everyone stuck indoors.
Back during Europe’s 1st wave of COVID-19
Recorded safely in our own studios.
Vocals, Video Production: Richard Berry Jr
Keytar, Audio, Mastering: John Rosenfeld

Bass & Backing Vocals: Anna Rosenfeld